Shandong Taifeng Hydraulic  Co., Ltd, established in 2000, is a National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise  and China Machinery Industry Management Model Enterprise as well as hydraulic,  pneumatic & sealing technology innovation advanced unit. 

Taifeng Hydraulic specializes in high-end hydraulic  control technology and units development and production with 68 national  patented technology (including 8 invention patents), which allows the company to  be the leading technology company in China and the advanced company in the  world. Now the company has been able to replace a number of products imported to  fill the gap. Especially the developed products like the two-way cartridge  valve, mechanical feedback logic proportional throttle valve system and large  flow dual active electro-hydraulic proportional logic throttle have been listed  in national key products plan. Also, Taifeng Hydraulic repeated to commitment to  national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects. 

Taifeng Hydraulic is capable of annually producing  5,000 tons cartridge valve manifold, and more than 600,000 pieces of control  units as well as 25-ton integrated valve manifolds. We are the No.1 two-way  cartridge valve producer in terms of manufacture scale and output with the  largest market share in China, and we rank highest in the world. Our leading  products includes high-performance electro-hydraulic proportional two-way  cartridge valve, Servo-Proportional Valves, Electro-hydraulic integrated system,  High-pressure cylinder, High-performance load sensing multi-way valve, and  Variable hydraulic integrated system for construction machinery. Our products  are widely used in forging machinery, aluminum extrusion machine, injection  molding machine, cotton baler, excavator, grasping machine for grass and wood,  crane, hydraulic pile driver, petroleum work over rig, core drilling machine,  garbage compression station, tractor, harvester and sugarcane loaders, etc. We  have over 500 of bulk order customers. 

Taifeng  Hydraulic has built R&D institutes as National Electro-Hydraulic Control  Engineering Technology Center Jining Branch, Shandong Province Hydraulic Control  Engineering Research Center, Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center,  Shandong Taifeng Hydraulic Constructional Technology Institute and Shandong  province academician workstation. Taifeng Hydraulic is capable of full  implementation of digital design, intelligent manufacturing, and network  management. Meanwhile, the company also set up a six person team of consultants  by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, hydraulic Dr. from Germany and the  country's top hydraulic experts. We also improve our innovation of both product  and technology by corporation with Zhejiang University, Yanshan University and  Shandong University through in depth research cooperation, which  strengthened our competiveness. 

Taifeng Hydraulic  introduced more than 250 of variety of advanced processing equipment and  sophisticated inspection equipments, including more than 30 world leading  digital control machine tools and flexible production line from 7 countries  (including: Japan Okuma FMS flexible production line, Mazak FMS flexible  production line, Niigata FMC six position boring and milling machining center,  Mazak nine-axis linkage movement combined machine tool, USA Hardinge high  precision turning center, Swiss Colin Begg CNC cylindrical grinder, America  Kenna thermal energy deburring equipment, SECCO Walker vacuum heat treatment  furnace, the German Cai Sisan coordinate measuring instrument, Taylor roundness  instrument, the Norman pollution degree detector, industrial endoscope,  4000L/min large flow type test rig and high temperature test rig, etc).  Meanwhile, Taifeng Hydraulic possesses an intellectual ware house system with  3,000 square meters of the 24-station logistics, assembly, testing as one of the  one hundred thousand purification standards and bearing 1200Kg assembly constant  temperature workshop and 1824 storages. Through the flexible combination of a  variety of advanced production equipments and testing & inspection  technology, the company established the automatic production system including  blank inputting, manufacturing, inspection, testing, quality controlling and  product storage. And this allows Taifeng Hydraulic to become the first  Intelligent digital hydraulic control system products manufacturing enterprise.  

Taifeng Hydraulic follows its operation strategy  of market-oriented, quality of survival, innovation and development in order to  serve the credibility with its development vision of becoming the global leader  in hydraulic solution. We constantly introducing lean management, intelligent  manufacturing and learning organizations as advanced management mode. We are  also committed to build Taifeng to become a famous enterprise and one of the  main production bases to provide high end hydraulic units and hydraulic  integrated control technology for Chinese high end equipment manufacturing.